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  • Kit de distribucion GATES TCK305A 02 Isuzu Rodeo 2.2 (TCK305A)
    POWERGRIP PREMIUM Equipo Original Juego de Componentes de Banda de Distribución; 4 Componentes (1 Banda, 1 Tensor, 2 Poleas Locas)

    Gates Timing Component Kits (TCKs) include most of the parts necessary (Water Pump not included) for a complete timing system replacement in one package eliminating additional time required to source individual parts.

    Today, Gates is the world's largest manufacturer of Timing Belts and TCKs. And not just for domestic vehicles, but for Asian and European manufacturers like Toyota, Honda, Volkswagen and Audi.

    Product Features and Benefits

    • OE construction timing belts.
    • OE quality tensioner and idler.
    • Total solution for any application, including belts, idler(s), tensioners and supporting hardware with detailed installation instructions.
    • Great convenience. Ease of parts sourcing.
    Suplente/Equipo Original de la Fabricante Número de Repuesto(s): 2523051

    GATES Garantía Información
    Limitado por vida
    $1,491.75 MXN
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